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I tried Nature’s flavour hand crafted whole leaf green tea. It was beyond my expectation, surprisingly smooth with no bitterness. It gave me the feeling of having something truly nutritious. Now I have discarded my entire stock of branded green teabags.

Professor Ujwala Kulkarni
(Educational Entrepreneur)
Nature’s Flavour opened my eyes to the fact 'Why is Whole Leaf Green tea better than Teabags'. Now I realized, drinking Green Teabags for so long is not helping me at all. I have started buying Nature’s Flavour Whole Leaf Green Tea for the good benefit and it’s showing results.

Mrs. Juhi Sharma
(Health conscious house wife)
I bought Hibiscus Tea offered by Nature’s Flavour and infused it using their 'Infuser-cum-Strainer' very easily and kept it in fridge to create excellent cold Hibiscus Tea, which provided me with required daily dose of immunity boosting Vitamin-C. I added half teaspoon honey for mild sweetness. Zero calorie stevia leaves can also be added during infusion, to sweeten and balance the sourness of Hibiscus Tea. Try it, you will love it.

Mrs. K. Pallavi
(Home Maker)
I have been using Whole Leaf Green Tea for quite some time, but it has always been messy to infuse it and strain it, requiring different items like cups, infuser, strainer etc. Nature’s flavour has solved my problem by developing one simple device ‘Infuser-cum-Strainer’. I bought a few of them for myself and my ‘Whole Leaf Tea Enthusiast’ colleagues. Now I am able to enjoy cups after cups of Green Tea without any mess. One ‘Infuser-cum-Strainer’ is always stationed on my desk at my office, which allows me to infuse and prepare my own healthy hot and refreshing green tea, multiple times using the same leaves, which I started with in the morning, throughout the day.

Ashok Pant
(IT Professional)
I am fond of White Tea, but to find good quality white tea is very difficult. To my opinion Nature’s Flavour white Tea Leaves are one of the highest qualities, defined by its very delicate, subtle, floral flavour, and full of antioxidants. I think, I will keep on re-ordering it.

Bharati Oza
I always wanted to offer/advice green tea packed with phytonutrients to my students/clients, but I had to compromise with cheap quality teabags available in retail market. Thanks to Nature’s Flavour for taking pains of sourcing & supplying fresh and richest quality Whole Leaf Green Tea to me and my clients. Keep up the good work.

Neeta Shah
(Yoga Instructor and Dietician)
Hi, I like to create tea Infusions. As suggested by Nature’s flavour, experimenting with their 'Whole Leaf Green Tea' and various ingredients like fresh ginger, mint leaves, tulsi, lemongrass, rose petal, lemon, orange peel and many more, added during Infusion process, I was able to create amazing, delightful, absolutely natural Green Tea Infusions (unlike artificially flavoured teabags). Friends and guests at my house tea party were surprised and curious to know, how I did it. Next, I am going to experiment with Nature's Flavour Whole Leaf Assam Black Tea and even cold versions.

Ankita Advani
(Tea Lover)
Frequent work related travel to north-eastern states introduced me to whole leaf Assam green tea. I was missing it badly in my hometown Pune, until I came across Nature's flavour Assam Green Tea. It is authentically organic Assam Whole Leaf Green Tea, just exactly the same that I found during my travel to Assam.

(Engineering consultant)