White Tea

This exotic organic tea is the purest and rarest form of teas, made of youngest tea leaves plucked from the tip of the tea plant. White tea leaves are almost free of caffeine and tannins with no bitterness and astringency, packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients.

This exclusive White tea is best enjoyed with no additional ingredients. It has a soft floral flavor and a soulful aroma.

Details : White Tea (Silver Needles) - 20 gm Pouch
Product Code : NF-WTWL-20G-P
Net Content : 20 Gms
Ingredients : Whole Leaf White Tea
Brewing Instruction :
Infuse Apporximately 2gm (10 to 15 Leaves) in 250 ml freshly boiled Water for 4 to 5 Minutes
Storage Instruction :
Store in a Dry, Odorless, Food-grade Air Tight Container away from Direct Sunlight

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