A little innovation, All-In-One easy pour Infuser-cum-Strainer is the perfect accessory used for green tea, black tea, herbal tea and detox water. This amazing product is made using best quality borosilicate glass and high-quality food grade silicon rubber. It is extremely user friendly, just drop a few pieces of dry tea leaves, herbs, flower petals in the infuser cup, pour freshly boiled water, fix the strainer lid on top of the Infuser cup, infuse for a few minutes, pour out and enjoy. Similarly, nutritious detox water can also be prepared by infusing small pieces of fresh fruits, salads and herbs.

Product Details : Infuser-cum-Strainer
Product Code : ICS-1
Capacity : 305 ml ± 20 ml

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For Green Tea / Herbal Tea / Black Tea
  • Drop few pieces of Dry Tea Leaves/Herbs/flower Petals in the Infuser Cup.
  • Pour freshly boiled water in the Infuser Cup.
  • Fix the Strainer Lid on top of the Infuser Cup such that pouring pout remains in opposite direction of the handle.
  • Allow it to Infuse for a few minutes.
  • Now gently tap a few times at the center on top of the Strainer Lid to release trapped steam from pouring holes.
  • Lift and tilt the Infuser-cum-Strainer with handle to easily pour out tea in your favorite mug leaving behind the tea leaves.
  • For next infusions with the same leaves, remove the Strainer Lid, add hot water and repeat the steps mentioned above.
For Detox Water
  • Fill half the Infuser Cup with small cut pieces of fruits / salads / herbs.
  • Fill the remaining portion with clean filtered water.
  • Fix the Strainer Lid on top of the Infuser Cup as directed earlier.
  • Keep the Infuser-cum-Strainer in refrigerator for a few hours or overnight.
  • Take out the Infuser-cum-Strainer and tap the Strainer Lid as directed earlier.
  • Now easily pour out chilled Nutritious Detox Water into your favorite mug leaving behind the fruits for next infusion and enjoy.

1) Make sure that Strainer Lid and outer rim of Infuser Cup are dry before fixing.
2) Do not turn or twist the Strainer Lid after fixing, It may break the Infuser Cup due to friction
3) If you wish to turn the direction of pouring pout of the Strainer Lid, remove it, turn it & refix.

Wash Infuser-cum-Strainer gently using washing sponge or plastic brush with liquid soap and rinse thoroughly with cold/hot water. Avoid using metal wire brush.

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