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Why Is Whole Leaf Green Tea Better Than Tea Bags?

Whole leaf tea is made of high quality unbroken tea leaves usually sourced from single origin. Tea bags are generally made from very small, broken, low grade tea leaves called dust or fanning, which makes it easy for the manufacturer to source it from different origins and blend them together to make it cost effective and maximize profit.

Whole leaves due to it's unbroken cell structure retains large amount of antioxidants, catechins, theanine and other nutrients, thus extracting the greatest health benefit in your cup of tea. On the other hand fanning (Broken Pieces) in tea bags has ruptured cellular structure, which starts exposing and loosing it’s nutrients to atmospheric elements during storage, processing and packing of tea bags, resulting in poor quality tea in your cup.

Whole leaf tea, during infusion, is directly in contact with hot water, without any barrier, allowing it to release more nutrients in your cup of tea. Tea bag paper is made with a blend of wood and vegetable fiber and may be coated with food-grade plastic to seal it. The fibers may trap some of the nutrients released from already nutrient deprived fanning and the plastic may leach it's chemicals into your cup of tea.

Extraction of caffeine is higher from tea bags than whole leaves, because the fanning (broken pieces) in tea bags has higher surface to volume ratio, which causes caffeine to diffuse out quickly, making it taste bitter. In contrast if you want a calming and relaxing cup of tea without bitterness, go for whole leaf tea, as it has more theanine and less caffeine content.

The same whole leaf tea can be infused multiple times to extract even the last bit of nutrients, making it very cost effective at the end of the day. Whereas tea bags are typically designed for single use and throw away, eventually becomes a costly affair.

Last but not the least, tea bag has higher carbon foot print, because it consumes large amount of energy and resources to manufacture it. We request - you as a responsible human being to choose whole leaf tea as a greener, cleaner and healthier alternative to tea bags.

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